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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               August 21, 2021

Upon payment or online booking submittal, the customer agrees to the following:


Disclaimer of Liability:

Oasis Evaluation LLC reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly upon fuel cost, travel, weather, condition of property, aggressive animals, and location. We reserve the right to change our service prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have scheduled an appointment but have not yet paid, we guarantee the price for one (1) day from when the appointment or solicitation was made. Our current customers will receive notification of price change and effective date. We reserve the right not to accept a price listed on a site or business other than our own. If changes to government regulations on OSTDS permitting affect the services provided by Oasis Evaluation LLC and result in additional costs to Soil Evaluations Services, Site Visits, and Document Permitting, the customer agrees to pay the total amount of such additional cost to

Oasis Evaluation LLC prior to the service date.


Oasis Evaluation LLC is committed to strictly and safely following regulations based on the most recent OSTDS regulations; Chapter 381, Florida Statutes, Section 381.0065 & Chapter 64E-6, Florida Administrative Code.

 If these imposed regulations cause any economical inconvenience Oasis Evaluation LLC will not be held responsible or liable for any cost that is added to the customers' development budget.




 Oasis Evaluation LLC follows strict OSTDS laws and regulations imposed by the State and Local Governments. Oasis Evaluation LLC, under any circumstance, will alter, change, modify, delete, or conceal any site visit observations or documentation to and for the local or state Government. In the event, the customer is not satisfied with the soil evaluation and document issued (Page 3) or soil samples are inconsistent in their opinion a refund will not be issued. A refund will be issued only 24 hours prior to the inspector's arrival date with a 20% fee.



Investor Reports:

Investor Report information is provided to the customer at the time of solicitation and delivery date. If the local Government/State changes regulations and laws after solicitation and commencement of investigation/customer payment, Oasis Evaluation LLC is not responsible in any way if the requirements provided were issued after the investigation/customer payment date on any regulation estimate provided at the time of solicitation. Permit Report Estimates are only based on official records to date concluding and deducting the most recent information at the time of the investigation.

These reports are only informative and are up to the customer/ Investor to decide on their own. Our reports are examinations of previous and current permitting regulations. These reports are in no way decisions made for our customers; purchase decisions are our customers only. Our reports are an informational tool to aid and help understand what can, would, and could be needed for that specific lot/parcel at the time the solicitation was made, if the customer decides to proceed and build after Oasis Evaluation LLC submitted the report and laws or regulations change since then, Oasis Evaluation LLC is not responsible for any economic impact it could have on our customer's development cost.


Oasis Evaluation is committed to finishing OSTDS permitting effectively in 24-72 hours after site evaluation is completed. If weather, temperature, or any situation that is beyond our control, or our employees are in danger we will postpone the site evaluation and contact the customer if anything happens.

Oasis Evaluation LLC is committed to serving your company's needs.


Oasis Evaluation,

Helping Highlands County into the future.


Revised: 05/31/2021

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