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Sandra S. Vázquez

Co-Founder & Director of Environmental Services



After earning her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at the University of Puerto Rico. She was an undergraduate Mentored in Environmental Biology provided by the University of Puerto Rico Institute of Tropical Ecosystem Studies. Guided by her mentor she was able to present a project in Washington D.C related to the stoichiometry of nitrogen and phosphorus in a native fish found in urban rivers.


This experience provided her with the opportunity to become an intern for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). That guided her understanding of the delicate balance between our water resources and the effects of human activities. The main projects she participated in were related to septic systems, water sampling, beach contamination, and public education.


After moving to Florida, she began her career with Arkema directing and researching the effects of a chemical used in the growing process of strawberries. As a field technician lead, she was offered the opportunity to work at the Florida Department of Health in Highlands County. As an Environmental Specialist II. She was part of an Emergency response  team. In her time with the Florida Health Department she was part of the biomedical program and became a Certified Environmental Health Professional in the Food and Onsite Septic System.  


Guided by her passion for education the protection of Natural Resources, and development she become a Planner for Highlands County. Here she was able to engage in the political aspect of community development and environmental impacts. During her employment, she became the liaison for the Historic Preservation Commission and managed the review of environmental reports for new developments. 


In May of 2022, she graduated from the University of Central Florida with a master's in Urban and Regional Planning. The education experience provided her with the opportunity to become a research assistant and participate in projects related to urban development in Orange County.


As a Master in environmental planning, I believe that urban and nature and development can co-exist  If we thoroughly analyze, educate, facilitate, and help decision making, as well as provide holistic frameworks that minimize the environmental impacts of future development, we can acheive a perfect balance of Nature and development.

-Sandra S.Vazquez, MSURP

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