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Differences between light dense and no vegetation

What is the difference between these three classifications?

Depending on your property, and where the location of your proposed home and Septic System (OSTDS) our crew has to mow and trim to access your proposed OSTDS site, to give you an accurate soil classification.

Why does it need to be exact?

The reason Oasis Evaluation does it exactly where the proposed system is because; Soils in Florida vary in color and depth within inches, you might have un-suitable soil 10' from your property line, but if you do the same test 25' from your property you might not need to add fill to level your proposed Residence.

This saves you time, money, and unnecessary issues with your septic. This could create a bigger issue for Developers, Investors, the Health Department, Code Enforcement, Florida Fish and Wild Life, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, because of faulty tanks or drain fields which can cause a potentially hazardous environment to the underground potable water systems in the property and adjacent properties. This could create unnecessary lawsuits on your development and severely impact your development budget.

We are here for our customers and will give you the exact information to avoid potential problems for our customers. 

Dense Vegetation

This is an example of Dense Vegetation, if you look closely adjacent to the unpaved road the lot / Parcel is not easily accessible. Some property owners, unfortunately, do not maintain their lot/parcels or purchase them without prior knowledge or out of state.


Light Vegetation

This is an example of Light Vegetation if you look closely grown vegetation can be accessible but these types of parcels are usually infested with endemic snakes, insects, and flowers which can be potentially venomous and/or fatal if precautionary steps and preparedness are not made.

This parcel is somewhat accessible but still has to be mowed in the entrance from the property line and proposed site.


No vegetation

This is an example of Lot/Parcel with no vegetation. This parcel is easily accessible.

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